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Thread: Hasan Trial - Fort Hood

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    Hasan Trial - Fort Hood

    Is anyone following the story about the trial of the psychiatrist who killed 13 at Fort Hood?

    I'm struggling with it - I feel a certain relief that it happened after DH ETS'd, but it still hits a little too close to home. I'm angry, but can't really identify why.

    I was just wondering if it was impacting any others?
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    DH's unit was hit really hard, so it's something he's struggled with it since it happened.

    I'm hoping for the closest thing to justice that can be doled out. The entire thing has been a cluster fuck since day 1. It'll be a good day in our house when this chapter is closed
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    It happened right across the street from my dads station and his guys were some of the first to respond to the shootings after it happened. Also, my husband is an MP on Hood now and was put on his security detail for a while and just resented doing the job because a lot of the guys in his unit hated the thought that they were essentially having to protect this asshole.

    He's not on the trial detail anymore. But I still remember that day, it was sad. When DH was on the trial they were just starting jury selection. I'm just glad he doesn't have to do it anymore.

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