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Thread: Thousand come to support family of fallen Marine

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    Thousand come to support family of fallen Marine

    Thousands stand, show support for Sgt. | WOOD TV8

    A local Marine was killed in Afghaninstan and people feared the Westborrow (crazies) would show up. So, thousands lined the route to block them from the family. Looks like they didn't end up showing up to protest, but still so amazing that so many would show their support. If I were a little closer to the area (a 2 hour drive) and didn't have my son who hasn't been feeling well, I would have been there!

    I love this new wave of people lining to block out the protestors. Have you been apart of one? Would you be?

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    I haven't witnessed it, however I would proudly stand to defend the family of a fallen soldier/sailor/marine.

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    I would, too, Minx. I hope I never have to hear that WBC is going to protest my future husband's funeral, just because he was in the military. I would proudly stand to support the fallen and their family, as well as block WBC.

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