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Thread: DIY breakfast bars

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    DIY breakfast bars

    Does anyone has experiences on making your own breakfast bars?
    I think about to make some for the valentines package to him. I would be so happy for your help if you have already experience making bars for a good start in his day, maybe even a recipe.
    It should be without chocolate but with nuts and cranberries. Thank you so much so far
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    Nope. Never made my own but I have a feeling if I did it would not be a healthy but a sugary one. With Frosted Flakes and marshmallows or something lol
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    If you're going for healthy I'd recommend this: Granola Bars - Jenny Can Cook

    It may take some time but they turn out good! Usually when I'm in a hurry and can't make breakfast things, I soak Chia Seeds in water and add cinnamon or honey (any kind of nice flavoring) and have that.

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