Ok so my DH had to leave only 11 days after we had gotten married and he hates where he is at right now with a fiery passion. Mostly because he is a little homesick after getting use to a northern winter and then being sent back to the south again. One thing we do in my family is indulge in fudge that we get for Thanksgiving, well we use too. The lady that lived in the house we own now was my mothers surrogate grandmammy and a large influence on my childhood even though I only occasionally got to spend a few weeks at a time with her. She had this amazing recipe for fudge, thick gewy rich melt in your mouth dutch fudge....only one problem, there were at least 100 recipe books in the kitchen when we bought the house, after she passed, and I have been going through them but still no luck finding the recipe!

I still have a couple more to go through so hopefully I will find it but if not does anyone have any good old-fashioned dutch recipes?