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Thread: Gluten-Free

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    I was tested for celiac not long ago and the blood test came back negative but my doctor recommended going off gluten anyway. So I have and the problems I was having also went away. Then he had me reintroduce gluten and the issues came back. So he's made the diagnosis of gluten-sensitivity I also have PCOS and infertility and while going off gluten has helped with some GI issues I still can't drop the weight.

    Anyone else gluten-free?
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    My dad has Celiac's so I have been eating gluten free half of my life now. He was diagnosed in his thirties so it wasn't prevalent most of his life. I do believe that I may be starting to show signs of Celiac's because I notice that when I don't stick to the gluten free diet I have VERY similar (but more mild) symptoms as my dad did.

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    Gluten free is definitely a lifestyle change, but it gets easier over time and is so worth it if it helps you feel better!

    Also, OP, if you truly are just gluten sensitive instead of having diagnosed Celiac, there are enzyme pills at the health food store called gluten-ease that may help. They break down the gluten into an easier to digest form (much like taking lactaid helps some who are lactose intolerant). (My friend, a nutritionist, recommended them, but ONLY if you are gluten sensitive and not full on Celiac.) For me, they originally helped me be protected against accidental gluten ingestion when my body was at its most sensitive, and now that my body has settled down, I am able to have the occasional slice of white bread or small bowl of pasta (non gluten free) with minimal to no undesirable symptoms with the help of this enzyme pill.

    I would say go to the local health food store and ask questions about gluten free foods, search the web, ask other people (such as myself if you want to PM me), and buy a book or two (I bought 2 books on Celiac and a cookbook when I found out about my gluten issues).

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    I had a similar experience (didn't test positive for celiac) but it has made a light and day difference in my life! I can also eat dairy now, which is for me a positive swap, as I'd become severely lactose intolerant over 15 years ago! There are so many gluten free bread and pasta options (at least where I live), and I am also a fan of rice, so eating dairy with no ill effects is pretty sweet in my book.

    In regards to weight...have you eliminated hidden gluten (soy sauce, barley, rye), because that can often be very difficult to do. I used to have a bloating issue, so when I 100% cleaned the gluten out of my diet I didn't specifically lose weight, but I dropped a pant size, because my stomach was flat and no longer bloated.

    What else have you tried? I am happy to offer up more suggestions, as I think my years of gluten intolerance and feeling crappy, turned me into a health food/nutrition junkie.
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    Do anyone catch the segment on Good Morning America w/Elizabeth Hasselbeck? She has a new cookbook for gluten free recipes. They shared some on the website.
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    Wow, it's GREAT that your doc even acknowledged gluten sensitivity! I've done a lot of research on the subject, and have been GF for over a year now. I was tested for celiac and came back negative as well, but I do much better off of it. From what I understand through research, a lot of people are gluten-sensitive but undiagnosed, because the test for celiac comes back negative. It was a HUGE struggle at first eating GF, but has become easier as more restaurants and groceries introduce GF products. Do you have a Whole Foods or organic grocery store near you? They offer many options. Pretty much any recipe can be adapted to be GF. Anyway, PM me if you want to chat...I know how hard it can be at first...but it is WELL worth it!
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    I want to try GF
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    Gluten free is a hard thing to adjust to. Many of my friends have had to over the last several years. I suggest trying things like Quinoa (comes in the form of a cous cous, but can also get noodle types), rice noodles, and rice cakes (they make chocolate ones!) if you are having a hard time saying goodbye to carbs. because I know it's got to be hard!

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    DH's aunt (who we visit often) is GF and she uses Pamela's GF baking mix and everything turns out so yummy. We aren't GF, but we don't even notice the difference.

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    I eat gluten-free I was diagnosed with Celiacs last year. Lots of choices out there!
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