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Thread: HCG DIet Support and Recipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by connell0618 View Post

    Actually it did come from other people but that is fine. I made the rude comments because I actually got a PM about how rude people were being to my original post. I checked back on here, and everyone was being negative. So I don't see why I have to stop being rude when people are calling me stupid and crazy for doing a diet, and then picking and being rude about the fact that I have low self-esteem. People were being rude before I even made those comments. But I can see that all of you stick together. Because it is so much easier to gang up on people than it is to state your own real opinion, isn't it?

    All of you . Peace out I am done. People were right about this site, it is nothing but a bunch of lazy hags bitching about nothing. It's sad you can't post a legit thread without being harrassed by a bunch of shitty housewives with nothing better to do than put people down.

    Enjoy you life, and greaaaaat job on the support!!!!!!!!!

    Quit taking your insecurities out on everyone here .
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    Dear GOD!!!!

    The POINT is - you said you do not drink Crystal Light. You drink an off-brand. You do, in fact, drink CRYSTAL LIGHT JUST LOOK AT THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Closing this thread as the OP is being banned.
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