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Thread: Calling all clean eaters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danik View Post

    Clean eater here. Don't know if I checked in yet! I will make exceptions for special occasions, but usually organic, and mostly vegan except for 1 egg/day, coffee creamer, fish oil and a little cheese . I started trying to add a little fish to my diet once a week or so. I am trying to make my own cleaning products this year too, and limit the amount of plastic packaging I buy.
    Any one try any new foods lately? My new craving is Good 'n' Raw Kale Chips. The ranch flavored ones. I didn't really think they were good at first, but kind of addictive.

    I love the kale chips! There is another kind of raw snacks i eat, but i forget what they are called. They are delicious! Next time I go to whole foods i will get you the name
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    I eat mostly clean. However, I do have some pretty awful binges on chocolate and on ice cream from time to time.

    Oddly, I have found hardly any change in my weight at all no matter if I eat clean or eat unhealthy.
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    Would any of yall recommend a good website to find clean recipes that would be easy to make and affordable (college student!)
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    This is why I hate titling dietary plans.
    My version of "Clean eating" can be summed up in one sentence:
    Don't eat anything your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food
    Michael Pollan, In defense of food
    In Defense of Food | Michael Pollan

    The problem is ALL food is processed, to some extent. Some processing is good, some is not, some is needed.
    For example, yogurt should have two ingredients in it. No more. Dairy and Live Cultures. "Greek Yogurt" seems to be healthy and tasty, but is highly processed, and creates "Acid Whey" which is really bad for the environment.

    I eat bread, but once again, it will have a minimum amount of ingredients, such as flour, eggs, salt etc.

    It all is much easier to follow this one general rule, and as healthy.
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    I think it's really funny when people come on here, and automatically assume that everyone here is a gung-ho, hoo-rah, i-bleed-red-white-and-blue, kiss-my-military-ass, people-in-uniform-can-do-no-wrong, and i'm-entitled-to-everything bitch.
    "RIP Blackie, and Whitey, New Whitey. Goodbye Poopers and Momma Beige and Lady Grey. New Blackie and the Whitey Sisters rule the roost now!"
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    I'm a clean eater in my dreams
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    This thread is from 2009.
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