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Thread: Pros & Cons of marriage before deployment.

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    Your pro is $ and your con is "would get to throw a party".

    Both of those seem frivolous and kind of immature, if I'm being honest. Wait. I've never met a person who said, "I wish we would have gotten married sooner" but I've met plenty that wished they would have waited.

    Also, you mention a honeymoon, but with an impending deployment, depending on the timing, he may not be able to take leave for that and since your post makes is seem like you want to do that right away (and not wait 6 mo or a year to honeymoon), that's another thing to consider.
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    Are you in school? Getting married can really mess with your financial aid (learn from my fail).

    We got married before deployment because he wouldn't make me his financial POA if we weren't married and I didn't (and still don't) trust anyone in his family with money, so we were married and a few months latter he deployed. TBH, it sucked. I would not recommend. We had our first anniversary via skype, same with our first christmas. Wait.
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    I came on here before when my now DH was told there is a chance of deployment. Long story short things changed and he didn't deploy but what the ladies on here said made me think a lot. We were rushing marriage. Since then we talked through and went through several things that brought us closer and we got married almost a month ago, when we were ready to get married. It was also the wedding of my dreams. So personally please do not rush it, I am so glad I waited the extra time to get married instead of rushing our wedding. Would we be together? I'm sure but we are much happier with the way everything went when the time was right for us to get married vs rushing it. Don't get married just because of a deployment, get married because you are ready to marry him.

    My DH has been gone since 4 days after we got married and I wont see him again for several more month (He PCS in a few months so we aren't moving to where he is... so we are across the country from eachother). It's so much tougher on each of us being away now that we are married, then even when we were engaged. I'm sure it's a mind game but we both have said it!
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