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Thread: Why did he do this

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    I would wonder what else hes keeping from me, now and in the future, that he doesnt want to tell me because hes afraid of how I might react. That is such a childish thing to do, especially to someone you plan on spending your life with. So anytime he has something big and life altering to tell you that he knows you might not like, he just wont tell you for the longest time, because you might get mad?

    It seems to me like youre both very young. Id guess 18? And I also assume you accepted his proposal? I cant believe he even had the nerve to propose in the same conversation where he admitted to keeping this from you for so long. To me, that proposal would completely lose its meaning and I would think he just proposed to soften the blow....not saying thats what happened but it certainly would be in the back of my head if my SO had pulled that. Kind of like hey I lied. Im sorry. Wanna get married?
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    Maybe it was his way of breaking up with you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guynavywife View Post
    Maybe it was his way of breaking up with you?
    If he asked her to marry him thirty seconds later, he’s not so good at break ups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guynavywife View Post
    Maybe it was his way of breaking up with you?
    I knew a guy (he introduced me to dh) who would avoid breaking up at all costs, even when he was miserable, to avoid conflict. He would rent a house with a girl he didn't want to live with, just because he didn't want to be the bad guy. He married his ex wife because of this, he had a baby with her and now doesn't see his child because it's easier than fighting for him. He got married to avoid a fight.... that isn't a good quality.

    Instead of us wondering why he
    did this or telling you how we would handle the situation, do you have a sister? A sister or a very close female friend? Try to imagine this person who you love and want to protect telling you that this happened to her, whatwould you tell her? What advice would you give to someone in your situation?
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    Did he graduate college? You don’t get paid more for having an associates...

    Did he think the proposal would make lying okay?

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