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Thread: How do you find emergency contacts/caregiver?

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    How do you find emergency contacts/caregiver?

    As many of you know, it is not only important, but a legal requirement to have emergency contacts for yourself and your children. Also, you always need a temporary/ alternative caregiver in the event that something happens to you while spouse is deployed, or if something happens to both you and your spouse.
    How have you personally established these contacts? How do you maintain an updated emergency/alternative caregiver with POA if you're enduring frequent moves with no family around?
    Personally I feel that this is a huge amount of power you're granting someone, which requires a deep relationship built on trust. I don't know how to find an alternative caregiver and grant them a POA, when I only trust my mom, friend and her SO with my daughter. We live off base as well so this is another disadvantage. I also feel that proposing this question can be burdensome on someone.
    I asked the FRO for guidance, and in return she questioned the legitimacy for my contacts.
    I'm really searching for people who have experience with building relationships in the military for alternative/emergency caregivers and emergency contacts.
    I need this info asap because I am more of a liability than most, as I have a progressive illness that is extremely unpredictable.
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    I have always tend to use other military spouses I might know even if I don't fully know them. My husband has been in for several years now and we went back to a duty station that we knew people even if we weren't close friends. I messaged them and said can I use you in case of emergency with day care. The one thing with the military you have to just learn to trust sometimes and very quickly even if you don't want to. For me those quick things are people I know....for long term issues its my mom who I know would be on the next flight to pick my kids up and deal with things. If you also have a good command both service and FRO (Omudsmand or what ever they are called in each branch) they will try and help in any way they can. Also the command spouses are there to help in not the greatest of situations.

    I knew a girl who had a rough end of her pregnancy and their spouses were deployed...she went into the hospital and the commanding officers wife was right by that girls side because she needed someone. This spouse I talk about...we are not close and she lives clear across the city from me but I know that if I needed her for something she would be there.

    I had just moved into base housing last month. I needed to turn in a sheet of paper to housing and it was only 5 min. I didn't want to bug ANYONE I was scared to honestly. I made a post on our neighborhood Facebook page and in 10 min another spouse said I'll come watch the kids. I had no idea who this person was. I knew she lived in my neighborhood. But I felt I could trust. Its not easy and it takes time.
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    I've never given someone else POA over my children. I just put people from my husband's squadron down as emergency contact numbers after I shoot them a text asking if it's okay.

    Does your husband's squadron/unit/whatever do monthly coffees or get togethers? I would try to attend to meet some fellow spouses. I've been sent the same 'hey I used you as an emergency contact for my kid's school' plenty of times so it seems to be common.

    Also, I don't look at this as some long term solution. It would be solely until my family/my husband's family arrived, which would be 24 hours tops. If we were stationed overseas I would put more thought into it, but anywhere domestic is a short plane ride away.
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    We would be the emergency contact and care givers for people in our squadron. I was a stay at home wife and the people knew I could help out. We would help out with emergencies, TDY's, ect until help arrived. As it is a short term event, I used someone in the squadron or our church that we trusted or knew to be trust worthy. The POA was important in case there was emergency care that our child needed and they could help with (i.e. doctor, dentist, ect.) It is an important item for my child's well being. I would even have to have that in place if family would come to town to take care of them too.
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