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Thread: Need advice on Naturalization process!

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    FWIW, I was a student on an F1 visa, and was trying to figure out my visa status after graduation, and got about 5 different answers from 5 difference agencies (Border Patrol, Immigration, etc.) when I called myself. Even student legal services couldn't give me a straight answer to what I thought was a simple question on process and permission to leave the country. You absolutely NEED a professional who knows the game. Especially with everything going on with DACA I wouldn't delay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by monseemona20 View Post
    Help! My soldier and I got married in December and Iím enrolled in his DEERS. I only have a work permit through the Dreamers Act (DACA) how or where do I start to become a US citizen with having my husband in the Army?
    Basically, first your spouse needs to fill out I- 485 to get you a green card which will be good only for 2 years (conditional status). If, and hopefully, 2 years after your 1st green card you two are still together, then you apply for a joint petition to remove those conditions and issue you a permanent green card. Only after 5 years you can start thinking of naturalization. You two can do these things even without a lawyer, all forms and instructions are available online. Good luck!
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    There is a US Immigration DIY website called Visa Journey. I strongly recommend it, as I have used it to immigrate from Canada to the US and am in the naturalization process. If your case is straight forward you won't need a lawyer. There is a military forum on that site. There are very helpful folks on there who have navigated through the murky waters of US immigration who can answer your questions, and there are guides and links with all sorts of info.

    Good luck!
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