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Thread: Rental question, PCSing

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    Rental question, PCSing

    Do you think all rentals are online or would it be useful for me to work with a "rental realtor" who might be able to find more properties available? Who is it worth turning to? We are going to PCS to Fort Hood for only 2 years so we are not interested in buying a house. We are looking for some quiet setting away from the crowd.
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    Yes....both are great. We used a realtor to help find our house in town here. She assigned us a MLS link to see things for our criteria. Honestly in the end for us it helped cause we took house hunting leave and was able to get anything we needed to do done very quickly.
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    Totally depends on location. In some areas (Coronado, CA comes to mind), no, most aren't on line, and no working with an agent won't help all the much either. For places like that, your best bet seems to be to ask local friends and join local Facebook groups and let everyone know what you are looking for.
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    Realtors can only show you rentals that are listed on MLS. So if you use a realtor, I'd also look on Craigslist or other sites so you're capturing more rentals.

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