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Thread: Neighbors and their puppy

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket_lizz View Post
    I really hope so. When we first moved in, the landlord himself lived there and had two tiny dogs (chi mixes) he left outside basically from 5 am to 11 pm, and they would YAPYAPYAP sooo much. I tried to talk to him about it once and he got all angry and basically said "well the lady across the street, her dogs bark all the time too so I don't need to do anything about mine so deal with it." I was so happy when he moved out lol. I just want happy, well-taken care of dogs to move in next door!!!
    fuck, that's annoying. When we lived in stairwell housing in Germany we had neighbors who had dogs that would cry ALL DAY LONG. I mean, at least they were inside but it was so annoying. I politely let them know because I feel like sometimes people don't know their dog is crying all day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket_lizz View Post
    While it's true I'm not there all the time, I have spent whole days outside (gardening) last weekend and the dog was alone the whole time. The family would come and go and just walk right past it. They never spend time outside on their patio, they don't pet it or talk to it. They don't take it in the house as far as I can tell. It's always there (I say hi to it every day and wiggle my fingers at it through the fence [i realize this is a bit dumb]). I mean maybe some of this is because it's a young pup but it was my understanding that training and socialization can start right away.

    Yeah it kinda seems like they got it and then realized they couldn't handle it in the house (peeing, chewing, etc) so they just leave it outside. It wasn't outside for the first month or so they had it though. The fence-line is long, like 35', otherwise I would try to put some barrier in place. My patio is set lower than theirs by about 2 feet so the water naturally flows down to me.

    We own, the whole building is owner-occupied except this one townhouse (the owner is a skeezy landlord too, he kicked the last family (a single dad with a baby and 2 cats) out with like 10 days notice and then this family moved in). I can try to talk to them about the whimpering early in the morning I guess. Not sure what a possible solution would be as they don't seem to interact with the pup much or bring it inside.
    Poor puppy I'm glad you talk to it and give it attention. Little thing is probably pretty lonely. I'll take it for them. My parents had Aussies when I was really young and I've always wanted another.

    Quote Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
    Thatís sooooo rude!! I mean you canít prevent your dogs from ever barking ever but at least get them inside.
    Agreed. My dog's part Chihuahua so barking is inevitable, but once he starts I always bring him inside. I'd feel awful if he was bothering neighbors or keeping them up.
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    The pup tried to shove a bone under the fence for me last night It was so cute. I'm calling it a girl but I don't actually know.
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