Here are a few tips for all you Secret Sisters!

1. Use a different default skin for your SS log in, it will remind you who you are when posting on the board
2.When sending cards or packages use your address (or maybe a family member's address) but remember to change the name. You can simply put the address or put the name as Secret Sister. Be sure to put a return address in case there is a mailing problem!
3. has great e-cards for free. You can also google free e-cards for tons of sites.
4. Set up a new email for your sister. You can link an MSOS account from there, of use it to email them. Don't use your real name when setting up the alternate email address. Little things are easy to forget.
5. Open a new photobucket account with your SS name to post pics and to host your siggys or pictures or use a different photohosting site.
6. You can set up your e-cards on almost all the e-cards sites to deliver on specific days. so if you are forgetful you can always set them up a few days at a time.
7. Don't be afraid to send everyday cards or wacky cards. Be creative and fun! You can even draw pictures in paint!
8. If you forget and post to your SS in your real identity hit the report post button to get it deleted by a mod!! Make sure you pay attention to which name you are under.
9. If you make a thread, make sure you PM the link to your sister so they will see it! Be sure to use the secret sister account! (remember you must have a certain number of posts to PM a member).
10. Get your posts up on the Secret Sister account to make an awesome siggy for your secret sister!
11. There are a few places online that will let you send virtual flowers!!
12. If you are thinking of sending a gift, check out crafters. You can find some unique gifts and they will be able to send directly to your sister, and maybe even add a note!
13. Get to know your sister. check out some get to know you quizzes to help with questions.
14. Don't forget to reveal yourself at the end of the round!!!You can do it either just straight out, or give hints. You can also reveal yourself in a gift if you plan to send one!
15. Play games! Use pictures to say something instead of words, make a scavenger hunt on the site... The possibilities go on... LOL

If you have any other ideas to add of something that you found that was fun, please let me know so I can add them!