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Thread: Spinach Recipe

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    Question Spinach Recipe

    I posted a thread previously about appetizers and I decided I want to make something with the main ingredient of spinach, but not spinach dip. Any ideas?!

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    ham and spinach quiche
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    Saute spinach with olive oil and minced garlic, add some salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and shredded chicken (canned works great and is super easy), then remove from the heat and mix it all together in a bowl with ricotta cheese and some shredded parmesan.

    I originally made this for a ravioli filling, but I had a lot leftover and realized that it's also fantastic with crackers! It's very simple and tastes great.
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    baked spinach and ricotta??? you can serve it hot or cold

    1 bunch of spinach
    300grms ricotta
    1 egg
    salt and pepper

    cook spinach
    whisk egg
    add crumbled ricotta to egg
    add cooked spinach ricotta and egg
    add salt and pepper to taste
    stir and mush it all up together
    put in pyrex pan and cook at 180C for about 40mins

    serve hot or cold

    btw, i also add ham, tomatoes or mushrooms - depending on whats in the fridge

    you can also add this mixture to small puff pastry pie things (dont know what they are called) if you want to make small quiches

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