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Thread: August Deployment Pals General Chat

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    Today was DH's first day of wearing his deployment uniform. It seems like everyday there is something new going on for this deployment. At least they are spread out and not put together in one day making me have a heart attack.

    edit: woops posted this in the wrong thread. im not a deployment pal at least in it the correct general forum.
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    Hi.. I'm new to this site, and to this whole thing really.. been dating my Sailor for about 6 months and he is deploying in a few days..I won't be able to see him before he leaves but I saw him yesterday at's only day 1..he's not even really gone yet and I'm pretty miserable..his deployment is short only 6 months (I say only because I know many men are deployed for as much as a year or more) but it feels like an eternity to me..I could really use some support from some women who know what it's like to have the love of their lives away from their arms for so long...I've already been through a short 3 week training deployment very early into our relationship in which we had zero contact whatsoever for 3 weeks and at least this one we'll be able to talk online etc..but I'm still gonna miss him insanely...A little about us..we're both 29 (well I just turned 29 he will be 29 in a few days we're 10 days apart) he's in the Navy...we met at a spiritual event in our community back in January and started dating in February..we are insanely in love and have plans to move in together when he returns from deployment and talk about growing old together and having children together etc.. I have a 4 year old daughter from a previous marriage and he wants us all to be a family together when he gets home...he is actually going into the reserves after his deployment because he decided he just didn't want the military lifestyle to hurt our relationship and has plans to stay in the reserves for several years while getting his degree and figuring out what he wants to do post military..though he will most likely still work within the Govt. in one way or another with his background...anyway I'm rambling...I just miss him so much and need help getting through this...I hope that I can find a place here and help in any way that I can to lend my shoulder to all of you as well...

    Lissa (short for Melissa) aka Pink Jedi (his nickname for me)
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    i really wanna make a acu diaper bag and not have to pay 100 dollars for it. does anyone know if theres a site or a book or something to kind of guide me?
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