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I'm not so sure that just because she holds it in the crate it is totally a behavior problem. She may hold it in the crate because you have left, she is by herself, so she just sleeps. The peeing more than once when she goes out is pretty normal. Not all dogs do that, but it is not unusual. How much exercise does she get? What happens when she rings the bell and you take her outside? Do you play? If so, she may have trained you to take her out and play when she rings the bell. I suggest having the vet rule out a UTI, but also upping the amount of exercise she gets to see if that helps.
I usually take her on about a 1 mile walk in the mornings and then to the dog park for 30 minutes in the afternoon. Then my boyfriend takes her to the dog park after dinner. But, somedays we cannot take her out that much. I do not think we rang the bell to take her out and went and played. But there is a chance that my boyfriend may have an I didn't notice. That's a good thought. Sometimes she only cries at the door, and we still ring it for her when we go out. I'll make sure that we don't go out and play and just go to the bathroom when I do that.