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Thread: Shampoo and Conditioner

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    How To Go Shampoo Free - Tips On Washing Hair Less

    I am debating starting this. My hair is so gross. I can shampoo in the am and come 9pm it looks like I haven't showered in two days. So far I have used the baking soda method in between washings but have yet to start washing hair with it. I am unsure if this article touches on it but there are lots of ways to go about this method and the transition period scares me. the baking soda between is basically where you wash, then the next day don't wash your hair but instead sprinkle baking soda on the roots only and brush in with a good tight bristle brush. I was so amazed the first time. It seems like such a weird concept but works. I have yet to decide if I can handle the full no poo method, but the in between days using the BS really have helped. I could go the 3rd day showering without shampooing because it still looks so good, but I haven't been brave enough. the whole switching your brain from clean smelling shampoo and the lathering and such.

    The Mane and Tail shampoo works just fine on colored hair. I used to use it all the time when younger. It really works great. I switch mine alot. Each time I will buy something new to try to avoid buildup, but I'm probably doing the opposite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luxuriouslynne View Post
    the organix sounds really good, and i bet it smells good!

    I currently have the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner - I like it a lot and it smells great.

    I also really really like Not Your Mother's brand products. I have fine, curly hair (I know, who the f has that?) and their Kinky Moves cream does a great job of controlling frizz without weighing things down. I also own their dry shampoo and sea salt spray. I was using their strengthening shampoo before I came to Germany but I didn't stock up and it's not sold here

    ETA: Link to NYM's products!

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    Suave's professionals line is awesome. It works better than the expensive lines for me and is sooo much cheaper.
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    This thread is way old....
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