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Thread: Has anyone tried Jergens natural glow express?

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    Has anyone tried Jergens natural glow express?

    I bought this today, a complete splurge because I paid 8 bucks for 4 fl oz of lotion.

    Has anyone tried this? Do you really get results in 3 days? How much color did you get?

    **I am trying all possible means to get some color before DB comes home, and I really really want my last resort to be a tanning bed.
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    I tried it before my wedding...To be honest I did get a little bit of color. HOWEVER, even though they claim that you don't have to worry about lines etc, be very careful. I was putting it on everywhere basically (because my dress was strapless and I wanted to have consistency)...I think my bra straps made me have a little bit of a line just from rubbing. But I think it's just me maybe. No one else said they could see it. I tan now, but I only do it enough to get a base, nothing major.
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    It's worked very well for me. Just make sure to wash your hands really good after or they stink.
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    It worked on me, but I have a decent tan to begin with. If you are very light complected it may look alot different.
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    I tried it once and I can't stand the smell so I just settled with being tan from the sun or pale.
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    It worked for me too and I'm super pale. Be careful of your hands, ankles, etc. because you can get a little orangey.

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