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Thread: Submarine girls while SO/DB gets re-stationed? Thoughts?!

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    Submarine girls while SO/DB gets re-stationed? Thoughts?!

    Hello all! Anyone else staying behind with their SO leaves to a new duty station? My DB is on subs, got re-stationed to Oahu HI for the remainder of his contract, about 2.5 years. I'm in nursing school and will be done in spring of 2019 when his contract finishes in 2020. He didn't want me to transfer since he'll be out to sea and I'd be all alone, plus the $$$$ of the island lifestyle. Wasn't sure if anyone else was in the same boat and if so, any advice/encouraging words? It's worrying me with all I hear about sailors finding island "partners" and then coming back to their sweethearts, I don't believe that's very much true since they are out to sea 95% of the time. Any response to that? Yes, I'm an overthinker, I think it's because I love my man to much and can't bear to lose him.
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    If he's gonna cheat, he'll cheat. You know him better than we do, is there any reason other than his job that you think he'd cheat on you? His job can't make him do something he's not inclined to do in the first place.
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    We hear about the bad things more often than the good ones, so it seems like a larger portion of military members cheat. It definitely happens, but don't lump him in with the rest unless you have a reason to
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    Do you trust your DB? If not, break up with him. If so, what does someone else finding a side chick have to do with you?
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    Well think of it this way ... yes there are a bunch of stories about sailors finding island partners or whatever, but there are just as many stories about servicemembers being away and their SOs cheating on them too and then pretending like nothing happened after they get back. It goes both ways but overthinking isn't going to help either one of you. This is where trust comes in. If each one trusts the other, there's no problem.
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    DH is on subs and we live on Oahu. Out of all the sub guys specifically I know, never once have I known one to have an “island girl” with a girl back home. Single guys date frequently, but that’s no different from anywhere else. And if your man is gonna cheat he’s going to do it regardless of job or location. If you can’t trust him walk away or figure out how to.
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    Yeah, I agree with the previous posters. If he's gonna cheat, he's gonna cheat. If you're choosing to be apart that long you'll have to make plans to see each other and maintain a food relationship with him communication wise.

    We're heading out to Oahu for about a year, and chose to do so because it's a great chance to live on the island and experience it all.
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