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Thread: Going to Japan Non-Command Sponsored

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    Quote Originally Posted by dekeoboe View Post
    Are you sure you can do two 90 day visas without being out of the country for 90 days? Most countries have rules like that to prevent people from getting around the 90 days by leaving the country for just a few days.

    Also, regarding the original plan of going to Japan non-command sponsored and then changing to command sponsored, visa free entry status (which would apply if you enter the country as a tourist) cannot be changed to other visa status (military spouse) without departing and then re-entering Japan with the appropriate visa.
    I just asked my friend in immigration to be sure, and yes it can be back to back (90 days in Japan 24hrs in Korea and back to 90 days) as long as you do not exceed 180 days out of the calendar year.

    You can also change your visa status while in country...but it's really difficult. It's easier to just leave the country. But changing from a tourist visa is not unheard of, as they've relaxed some restrictions since 2011. Still difficult but not impossible.
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    I have a feeling that OP probably already had a ticket out there when she posted without thinking things through all the way and the problems she could run into. I didn't even think about having to change her visa from a tourist visa to a military spouse visa. That would basically tell them you lied upon entry because you never planned to leave in the first place. I wouldn't want to mess with immigration and the possibility of losing my status.
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    Unless things have changed. I'm pretty sure dependents stationed in Japan only need SOFA stamp which you get on base in Japan. So once she gets approved for CS, she can go to passport/sofa personnel and get her passport stamped. Then she won't need to leave the country as long as she has a valid SOFA stamp.

    OP - hope you get your CS approved soon. Good luck! Safe Travels.
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