Hi .
Before anything let me just say I'm a complete Newbie to the Military Scene and I appreciate all the help and advice I can get in order to adjust to all these changes .I'm also completely clueless when it comes to all the acronyms , so bare with me please ! .

My Husband has been in the army for a little less than a year & is currently in Fort WW. I was pregnant throughout his basic training and missed his graduation due to the fact that our son decided to arrive earlier than excepted, which lead to a long hospital stay and 2 surgeries . My son & I remained in CA. while my husband was sent to AK. My son just got the okay to move to Alaska and now its time to join my husband!

Now ... the fun stuff , right?

EFMP paperwork has been a little stressful, but thats finally all done with. Today we finally received the last signature we needed (EFMP physician).

I have so many questions.

Where does our paperwork go from here ? After being sent to the EFMP coordinator where does it get sent to ?

How long until we can get an update or know if we're enrolled in EFMP ? Who can i call for an update?

How long does this process usually take ?

Any tips and advice ? Thank you in advance !