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Thread: Command sponsorship with EFMP denied! Questions to get approved when reapplying for

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    Command sponsorship with EFMP denied! Questions to get approved when reapplying for

    My husband recently got orders to Vicenza, Italy. When going through standard procedures to get command sponsorship, I was mandatory placed on an EFMP for my ADD and seeing a psychiatrist to get my meds for it. I was only recently(less than a yr recent) referred out to psychiatrist because my PCM didn't know why meds for depression just weren't working. Long story short, wrongful diagnosis was the issue and depression wasn't my problem. ADD was and my feeling of depression was due to my inability to concentrate and get my life with kids together. Anyways, I technically shouldn't need a psychiatrist for my medication now that we're aware of what type of care I actually need. Our request for CS was denied due (or so the EFMP office stated) to me needing a psychiatrist and Italy not having medical facilities to accomadate that need.

    So my question is, how is the devil do I go about getting the "need" for a psychiatrist taken off?!

    I think the list of reasonings for EFMP are absolutely ridiculous since it ranges from one extreme to the next. After 6yrs in service, and now all of a sudden my husband is listed as having an efmp dependant. That really hinders the assignment, and future ones!! As of now, he is set to report in January without me and our 2 kids. He's missed out on them with 3 deployments already, I'd rather him not miss out on more because of this! PLEASE HELPPPP!
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    Do you know that in Vicenza they have the medical facilities to treat an adult with ADD? Therapy can be part of ADD treatment and they may not have enough therapists there. How long you have been stabilized on whatever treatment you need may also play into whether they will overturn the denial. Did your medical records state that you no longer need to see a psychiatrist?
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    Here is the issue we see. Vicenza may not even have the capability to prescribe the medication. They may not have a doctor willing to do that. ADD medication needs to be prescribed by certain doctors. If they don't have that, you can not go.

    Our son has to be seen by a psychiatrist because of the add medication. There are only 5 AF wide that are just for peds. This may be the issue. All you can do is find out what the gaining base can do.

    As you need this types of meds, you may have to have a psychiatrist on station to help you.
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    It's not just what you need right now. So many people make that assumption and then think the program is broken. It's also about the odds of needing care in the future. You are at greater odds of struggling and needing care than someone without your history. Even if you can get your current meds without a psychiatrist, there's far more to command sponsorship than just looking at your current needs.

    By all means you can apply for reconsideration. People can and do get denials overturned. But be prepared not to get it, and understand that your history is relevant. Moving overseas his really fucking hard sometimes, and those with a history of mental health concerns are more at risk of struggling with an already difficult transition. Also, be aware that the longer this process is drawn out, the less time they will have to reslate and to find someone else to take this open job. I think all branches try not to send someone unaccompanied due to sponsorship denial, but shuffling people takes time and the longer that gets put off, the harder it gets, meaning fewer choices for him. January isn't that far away. There may still be time to shuffle orders and send someone else. If he waits until November or December, that may be more difficult.
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    In addition to 'Nilla's comments, I am guessing you are on a med which is a "scheduled" drug.
    In order to prescribe this, a psychiatrist is required by federal law to see you in person no less than every 90 days. They are not allowed to prescribe more than 90 days at once. Civilian docs usually do 30 days at a time. Refills are not allowed.
    These drugs can be dangerous, so they need to reevaluate you each time for addiction and adverse side effects.
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    Did you get this resolved? I'm currently in a similar situation.

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