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I'm Christian so those who are not may not agree with my viewpoint but here are my thoughts on it. Also, I'm not a super devout Christian so some of my view points align with the Church and others do not.

God uses intermediaries here on earth to carry out his will. I believe that physicians often serve as his intermediaries to help cure illnesses and alleviate suffering. Physicians have great power. With all of the medical technology that has developed we have the ability to do great good and also great harm. There is a fine line between serving as an intermediary and actually playing God. Actively killing a person or assisting in killing them I believe crosses the line and becomes a physician playing God. Like I said, I believe killing a person is morally and ethically wrong. I don't think there is any way for a physically to morally justify intentionally killing a patient.
But if that person is going to die in 6 months no matter what, and their choice is waste away in front of friends and family and lose all dignity and self capacity, or let them choose when to go and let them be surrounded by family and who they choose and pass quietly, like that woman in Oregon.