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Thread: Another hot car death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katyp View Post
    Baby in hot car death identified - - Jackson, MS

    Here's a link to an updated version. This particular story is different than a lot of other cases I've heard about because this mother got in the car with a dead child in it and drove to the daycare to pick the child up. It wasn't until the daycare workers told her that her child had never been dropped off that she realized. Knee jerk reaction for me, morbid at it may be, is that even if you don't see the child in the car, wouldn't there be other sensory clues?

    I've never directly worked with a hot car case, but I have worked with families that have lost children through negligence and total oversights. Its very easy to judge on the other end of a computer and I don't think there is anything wrong with seeking to find out answers about how this did happen. That said, I can promise that those who lost children this way do not need any of our shame or condemnation. They live with incredible guilt and trauma every day.

    Unfortunately, there are people so depraved that they stage hot car accidents to cover up homicide. I personally feel that I have to trust that an appropriate investigation is done. It will be interesting to see what a formal investigation reveals for this case. In the meantime, I will reserve judgement.

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    Couple weeks ago a co-worker asked me to drive him to the airport after our shift. The airport is kind of on my way home, but the last couple minutes of the trip are in a different direction. Even with him in the front seat, speaking to me, I missed the turn I needed to get to the airport. I continued on my normal rout home.

    That's how this happens. Brain, meet auto-pilot. If you think it can't happen to you, you are wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkles View Post
    Mistakes happen, people are tired or in a routine and somehow some little thing throws it off. My mom locked her keys and my infant sister in the car one day, a few years later she took us to McDonald's because we had good report cards and after working her overnight shift and only getting a short nap that day she started driving away without my sister with both me and my sister yelling at her. Shit happens.
    I guess the more I read here and peoples opinions I probably laid out a knee jerk reaction. I understand how people become programmed by life and routine. With my medical background I like to think of myself as a very methodical, double and triple check type person. I think those habits and attributes cross over into my personal life. That being said I have known lots of nurses who have administered incorrect doses or incorrect medications to patients. So even with cross checks and double checks sadly mistakes do happen.

    Again I don't know how you live with yourself. So so sad.
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