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  • Yes- alone

    14 10.29%
  • Yes- with my SO/ friend/ other person

    30 22.06%
  • Yes- with my family (SO, children ect)

    13 9.56%
  • It depends on the cost

    58 42.65%
  • No, I am not

    14 10.29%
  • other

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Thread: msos convention attendance

  1. Mom to Rebekah
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    msos convention attendance

    We are working on a tentative number for attendance.

    Please vote on if you plan on attending.

    We are just trying right now to get a ball park.
    So if you want to come but if it ends up in a place where
    you do not want to go or cannot go you can still vote.


    here are the other threads related to the convention - who attends - activities - location

    Quote Originally Posted by Boog's one View Post
    ok you guys!!!!

    lets do a hypothetical situation, the reason why we need numbers is so that when we do initial planning with the different agents (ie Hotel, transporation, cruise ect) we can get a rough idea of how many people will be coming,

    Then we can put a packet out for all to see that will include

    etc and

    and ofcourse, an OVERALL Cost per person. (You, S/o, kids)

    so if ya'll would please help us out get that overall estimate cost by voting that would be awesome!

    Thank you guys!!
    Quote Originally Posted by gandemedj View Post
    Alrighty. I'm going to step in here and say:

    Berk has a point.

    Everyone has 1 hour to cast their final votes in the location thread. We will calculate ballpark figures for the convention costs in the top 5 locations- please research airfare and/or transportation on your own time once the top 5's have been announced.

    The cruise option will be priced alongside the top 5 locations for the convention.

    Once we have the hard data pulled together for you, we will revisit this thread.

    Please, everyone, remember that as you're saying "I want to bring my husband, kid, a travel buddy" we surge further and further from being able to give you an accurate price point. Conventions for 500 are priced out and have less perks within the facility than those for 1000.

    Without an accurate idea for numbers, we can only extrapolate cost. We want everyone to be happy with the convention in 2010, so please bear with us and be as helpful and forthcoming as possible and try to avoid getting hung up on small issues.

    We just want a number as to how many would be interested.

    Thank you.
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  2. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I think it would be a blast to attend. but since my current DF isn't actually in the military I think he might think it was strange going to a convention for Military SO's. I hope you guys have a blast though! I'm sure it will be fun!
  3. Account Closed
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    Where - Vegas?
  4. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I'd go and depending on when it'd be, I'd either be alone (what I voted) or with my SO.
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  5. Senior Member
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    150%. Probably with DB, but coming no matter what!
  6. Senior Member
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    It depends on the cost, and a tiny bit on where it would be held, but mostly cost
  7. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    It depends on more then just the cost... When it will be, where its going to be...
  8. Happy wife...happy life!
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    It depends on when, so I haven't voted yet..
  9. Formerly "Chels"
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    Other. It depends on cost AND where it is...
  10. Just your everyday, laidback Aussie Girl
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    The cost will depend on where it will be, but the more we have going, I am asuming the better the price will be. Also keep in mind that it will cost more for YOU if you bring you SO and/or kids, if you go alone and opt to share a room with someone, it will keep the cost down I would think.

    And it would be sometime next year, plenty of time to save up.

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