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  • Just us SOS-ers!

    31 21.23%
  • SOS-ers and their kids if necessary

    15 10.27%
  • SOS-ers and their entire families

    92 63.01%
  • SOS-ers, their spouses, kids, neighbors, 2nd cousin 3 times removed...

    8 5.48%
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Thread: MSOS Convention: Who attends?!

  1. Gee
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    MSOS Convention: Who attends?!

    Please give me a moment to set up the options: the poll is based off of these queries from Zoe:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
    ok so a few queries??

    is this a convention just for the ladies or areSO's and children invited?????

    cause obviously that could change the location drastically?? i mean moms are not gonna want to bring the kids to Vegas (well i dont think) they'd prefer disney id imagine??

    where as if its all ladies - kicking it at the beach/dancing/playing volleyball etc may be more fun?

    or if your bringing SO's - vegas/gambling etc may be more fun!

    so much to think about!!!
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    i voted 'sos-ers and their entire family'... as in, the SOS-er their spouse and their kids. not like the "entire family" outside of the immediate*.

    ETA: i would love for it to be just "us" (the SOS-ers). but i know that more people would be likely to show up if they can bring their kids
  3. Formerly hishoneybee
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    I said SOSers and immediate family. Everyone wants to see the kids! And it'd be fun to have the spouses, too, if they were able to come.

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  4. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I would perfer just SOS-ers... but I totally understand that kids and families may make it hard for some to attend.... maybe we can look into where ever we decided on and see if we can do child care for a day so we can still do SOS things...

    Haha and I totally think we need a big room, with a big TV, and video games for the hubby's who get dragged into going
  5. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I would prefer just SOSers too, but most people probably wouldn't come, then. I'm still rooting for vegas over here, though.
  6. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    i think it would be extemely difficult to get people to come without kids/family since if the SO is deployed the kids will most likely have to come and i know if DH is home i would hate to fly half way across the world to have a vacation without him
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    I think it should be sosers and immediate family.
    Honestly not everyone is going to be able to afford travel, food, hotel, fun stuff PLUS daycare. It would instantly turn me off if it became a bring your kids but stick them in daycare thing
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I said with family. Immediate.
  9. Bride-To-Be
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    I say SoSers and the immediate fam. Just the kids and DF/DB/DH
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  10. You Can't Hear The Music Until You Dance
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    I think if it is over a weekend, whatever - have a day just for us sos-ers, and then a day for everyone in our immediate families (spouses, kids)
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