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    Nathan is currently deployed. I talked to him about it and we both decided to talk about it when he comes home that way we can do on our terms and no one else . I am hoping that he comes home in December that way we can talk about this . I was letting everyone that I know get to me about my relationship and I finally told him that other people are talking crab about him and I . I finally was like screw this it is our relationship and no one else . It piss me off when people do that. I know that we get through this deployment. it has been a rough one. thanks again.
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    The last time i phyical saw him was in may before was deployed. I get to see him on skype. Skype helps but it is not the same to have him in my arms. I recently talked to him about it and he heard me out . I know that he knows this hard on me. I told him how I felt and i told him that I can't help him if he doesn't talk to me about how he is feeling . he told me that he was scared to and he doesn't know what job he wants to do in the navy and he can provide for his family. I spend time with his dad and his step-mom. They love me . I talked to him about his leave for when he comes home and I told him that I wanted his whole leave to be with me . To me that is being selfish but, I know we need that time together that we didn't get to have last time . I have thought about going down to San Diego to spend time with him but i am in school and I am working too . I am confident in our relationship and i know i want to spend the rest of my life with him. I told him that I want to do is have a long engagement then when it is time for us to get married then we will. He knows about the feeling that I have of losing him . I told him that I am not pushing him to pop the question. I am thinking that i will spend time with him when he visits his family . He wants me to get to know his mom which I am convinced that she doesn't like me . I know that I won't lose him but that feel just go way .
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    Thank you . I really needed a girl's option on this . I agree with you on spending more time with each other, there is a road block with that too. Nathan's parents are divorced. Just like mine. When he is on leave he always divides his time between his parents and siblings. Now that he has me he wants to spend every waking moment with me. So now he has to divided his leave between his parents and me. To me that is a little unfair that he has to do that. He also is stationed in San Diego. that is what is hard is that he is down there and i am in northern CA. We Skype , talk on the phone , text when he is home. he wants me to finish school before we get married but I want to be an interpreter for the Deaf and that is a lot of school. If he wants to get married while I am in school I am fine with that and if he wants to do a family too then i want to put off school to raise my kids then go back like my aunt did. i don't know if he is ready . he wants to wait to pop the question because he thinks it is to soon. I have had my heart dragged by a ex of mine and he really hurt me so I always feel like I will lose Nathan . He tells me that he is never leaving but that doesn't change that feeling and I feel like if he pops the question then the feeling will go way. He is my life and soul mate .
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    I like the military life . I find it hard sometimes. I like being able to talk to nathan and skype with him . I have recently found that I am beginning to cry more when i talk to him. I think it is stress tears. I have a friend told me that woman who have a back bone can do this lifestyle. Would you mind giving me some advice ? Nathan and I have been together for 4 months and he brought up him moving up to the next rank and wanting to get married in 2 years. I have thought about this over and over and I am the type of person that has to tell you what i am thinking about a subject. he doesn't want to talk about it until he comes home. he is a planner and logical thinker. I talked to his cousin and he said that he is scared of what will happen to him if I say no to marring him or obligated to get married to me . And i don't want that for us . I want him to be happy with me and be sure that he wants to be with me forever. I am a scared that I will lose him and that he doesn't want to get married. His cousin and his gf are engaged and they won't get married until she finishes school . nathan asked me if I wanted to do that i said yes . I think that he doesn't want to and i feel like I am pushing him away and I don't want that. I just want to be happy with him and I want him to be happy to . What do you think ? i feel lost.
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    Ahhh How sweet. How met my guy was through his cousin . Once we stated to talk it was like you and him are ment to be . How do you like military life?
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    Well how I meet my guy is a weird story. I am really good friends with his cousin . His cousin set us up. I know it weird. we are meant for each other. I have no idea how to describe us . How did you meet your guy?
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    Hi do you know how to instant message people on here? I am brittany . My guy is navy to
  8. Back in high school I did =) JV cheer '06-'08 so it's been a
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    Yes ma'am (: Do you?
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