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    Thanks for your note tonight...made me happy!! I don't know where my motivation went...i think out the window...i have walked A LOT for 8 months.i feel like someone turned me on "slow"...eating really weird combinations of food in same bowl/same time: albacore tuna (plain), dried cranberries, sweet red peppers, raisins, dates,almonds,chopped tomatoes....and a hand full of cheerios... i never mix food like this. then, i had to drink 33 oz of black cherry flavored, zero calories water, glug glug glug...ok, must be short circuiting somewhere!! LOL LOL....Thanks for the tip on the Pilates..i think i picked up a couple DVD's at the dollar store...will try them tomorrow..still working on my waist area..boy it sure is tough!! I've got to find motivation again...don't know why i lost it lately...think my brain is just tired....guess i can bend some more at the waist, since that is where i need the help, and pick up the ol' bootstraps and keep moving...bye for now!!
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    I sure hope he does!!! I still have not told him that I am doing this I want it to be a surprise! I have been doing really well, still doing the whole slim fast for breakfast, and WW meals for lunch and WW desserts at night when my sweet tooth kicks in..

    How have you been doing? With this whole site change over things have been crazy here! I lost post and my new friends...but I think I am getting them back
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    Ive been ok, Ive been walking everyday since sunday, but im leaving saturday as a lazy day. I have to take atleast one day off Baby is fine, DH is fine........ I really want to get off my Zoloft, I would LOVe to want to jump on him
    I read your accountability thread and Im all updated. How are you really?
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    part 3 i should probably do more often the Billy Blanks...think i will start that tomorrow morning..have to go to the temp job by 11am... The Diplomat sent me a note thru my Yahoo Messenger (since i was working)...said my husband is doing well, soon he will recover well. He told me "please do not cry, he is ok".... yeah, i was kind of weak and weepy today, so i sent him a message with the crying emoticon...i am ok tonight for a change.. have you heard from your husband lately? Did he give you any more exercise tips? any tips for me....want to stretch out my calves....from all my walking they are getting too muscular...want a leaner look...have no idea how to make that happen...suggestions would be helpful! take it more back flips until further notice, missy!!! bye for now
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    part 2 i really need to work on at least a normal amount of water - right?? i am slugging some down now...i guess thats why i don't sleep...all the water after work, and i stay up all night in the bathroom - LOL LOL....i am still waiting on the plumber to come back and finish the work from my kitchen pipes busting last weekend...the 6 inches of water in my house is gone, still shaking my head at the damage, and wondering what the damage is that i cant see! i take several deep breaths, and have to shrug..what can i do until my husband comes home...get what i can done...and the rest will have to wait. i have no more room on my shoulders for any other stress, so i have to let it go
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    hey there my friend!! Well, just got home from the temp job...they love me, i hate it, isn't that the way it goes? I do not know what is wrong with me...i am NOT drinking a lot of water..maybe a small bottle once a's like, once i go to work, my mind blanks out and i forget..they do not allow food/water/drinks of anykind in the must wait for a "break" 15-30 min...and you have to go to the BACK of the store by the warehouse area which takes 5 minutes at a fast, you flip the coin...use the restroom, or walk pretty far for food/water, and still get back in the allotted time...** they can and DO fire you for going to a break/lunch late..even if it is 10 seconds (literally!)'s laughable...all i do is keep repeating my husbands words "never mind them, i am coming for you and will take you away from all that"....
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    I hope you are feeling better! This was NOT a good weekend for me, got to IM with DB Saturday night (his Sunday morning) and he told me that they were moving to their final location. So now my worry meter gets to go into overdrive.... So I was kind of yesterday and wanted to cry most of the day, but I held myself together for the most part.

    I had an message waiting for me this morning so I know that he's there and ok. Told me he would call me as soon as he could and give me his APO. Yeah, no one where I work understands the importance of the call from the WAR ZONE!!! But I sure do and I treasure everyone that I get.

    I am keeping up with my weight loss, and doing pretty good if I do say so myself... People are starting to notice and that makes me feel good. I just hope DB notices when he comes home on R & R..and that he likes what he sees then..... ing that he does and ing at his possible reaction!!!!
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    no we went to seaworld again, its easier to walk around over there and its more interactive, I just cant wait till Jack gets old enough to reach into the touch tables. I DID great this weekend, my neighbor got a puppy and I've been taking him for a walk every day because they are gone a lot (not people who should have had a dog) So I volunteered to walk him. It MAKES me go
    Drink water!! it helps dilute the acids your muscles are making, that makes the "burn" BANANAS!! Potassium helps that to, and of course protein like eggs and beans and stuff.... Im going to start drinking protein shakes in Feb...
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    HEEEEEEEEEELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO How has your weekend been panning out?
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    Hey there...thought that i would check on you and see how the workouts are coming along? i've been a little slack, because i am working weird hours at this temp 11pm, i don't feel like jumping around so much after running around at work for 9 hours. will do some in the a.m. cuz work doesn't start til 1pm...ick ick ick...wish the hospital job would come thru...better hours, better pay... talk soon
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Date of Birth
May 31
About SuziGraham
Yes, very proud parent
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Ft. Sill
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
I met him playing an online game and have been with him for 8 yrs this past summer.

He is the most wonderful, perfect man for me! Life is complete.
About Me:
I'm a current stay at home mom with three boys I'm raising while my husband is deployed in Iraq.

I am slowly working on getting my Master's degree in abnormal psychology.

I love to write fantasy stories from the RPGs I have played and I love to chat and talk. I am a people person and very outgoing.
About Us:
My husband is the mellow calm one and I'm the supportive, what is best one. I get angry easily and he quietly leaves the room! hehe
Interests & Hobbies:
reading (NOTHING romantic. ICK!!)
Dream Sheet:
I would LOVE to go back to Japan (spent six years there) or Europe or England. I LOVE to travel, so anywhere is fine with me!
Fave genre is 80's music.
I love Nickleback, Lifehouse, American Rejects, Judith Owen, Shedaisy, The Calling
Cold Case Files, Law & Order Franchise, HGTV (ALL of it!! hehe), Dog Whisper, It's me or the Dog, Animal Cops, Monk
13th Warrior
Bend it like Beckum
Fiddler on the Roof
The Alamo
Waiting to Exhale
Butterfly Effect
The Ref
Healthy Living
Women's Health
Earth's Children series
Dune series
The Promised Land series
Diana Gabaldon's series
Wife, Mother, Psychologist, student



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Back on Track!!

by SuziGraham on 01-31-2009 at 12:06 PM
Ok....I'm back!!!

Everyone is back to being healthy and happy!

I haven't exercised this week. I did good with NOT eating, but now there is NOTHING in the house to eat since we were sick and the crappy weather. I have to give props to myself yesterday. I had three pieces of chocolate and stopped indulgaging!

The kids had pizza and I didn't have any of that either.

I stuck to eating very bland foods and even risked

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Not much sleep

by SuziGraham on 01-20-2009 at 08:36 PM
In the middle of the night I was sick! I didn't feel sick, I started coughing and had to hurry to the bathroom! ICK!! My throat is soo raw. It is still sore from how violent it was. Just out of no where. I'm wondering if it has to do with the body cleanse? Today was the first day I was on two morning and night caplets, and I've felt a bit yucky, but nothing major. Every time I eat I get a bit of a quesy feeling, but that is part of the cleansing.

large salad
2 slices

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manic Monday

by SuziGraham on 01-19-2009 at 09:51 PM
Well I got to sleep in today since the kids snuck downstairs, made cereal for themselves and only woke up when Kaleb started his piercing scream at some world tragedy that had befallen him. NOT! He wanted something that his brother had. So, yeah...nice wake up call!

I have not done my exercises yet. I shall do those once I get the laundry going. At least get them each an outfit to wear tomorrow!

Been working with Toby on his training. He's doing awsome. One

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Sweet Sunday

by SuziGraham on 01-18-2009 at 11:44 PM
Well I got to talk to my sexy soldier today as well.

He accused me of STEALING his computer desk and chair. He's soo silly! Cause in the next IM he said I stole it because he gave it to me! Gotta love his mean sense of humor!! He knows he's cute!! Damnit!! Which is of course why I love him!!!

Good day food wise. I got some appetite control pills from GNC awhile ago and Joshua dumped most of them on the floor (thanks sweety, that was ONLY $40!?!?!),

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Cleansing day

by SuziGraham on 01-17-2009 at 08:57 PM
I started my body cleansing today. So far, so good! hehe

I again got to talk to Patrick.

He's talking about all this stuff he wants to buy, and then in the next breath telling me how we need to need to cut back on expensive packaged food since he'll be getting half his pay once he's no longer deployed. So, I told him once he's back I can get a job at night to suppliment. Then he gets mad about not spending time together. I told him I either get a job, or we go

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