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  1. oh my, i don't think i would know what i would do if DH was gone to training for a year. it sounds bad, but im glad he went thru his training while we were just friends, but i'd rather have him go thru training for a year than a deployment for that same amount of time. i haven't been on this website as much as i used to, but it's a great way to get to know ppl, and it's easier to talk to ppl here because these ppl know exactly what you are going thru.
  2. oh, wow. first i wanna say good luck. my boyfriend is still in tech training down at Lackland, he will be home in december for a few weeks and then he goes to Incirlik Air Force Base (In Turkey ) For a year. so, i want to get myself more involved in this website and get to know more people because i'll prolly find myself on here alot for support.
  3. he should be back around this time next yr. he's been back and forth since sent to kuwait in early august, and got to iraq late august....there isn't really anyone around here that i can talk to...the frg im involved w/ is in denver, because that's the unit he got transferred to. where is ur guy at?
  4. thank god you are here LOL. how long is he in iraq?
  5. im down in des moines, just moved back while DH is over in Iraq. I have yet to find anyone on here who is anywhere near where i live. but glad to meet someone from the area
  6. I'm From Iowa, Ankeny To Be Exact. && Im SO Glad That There Is Someone On This Site Thats Around Here!!!
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