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  1. Hey, I would really love it if you would PM me your address so I can send you a Christmas card.
  2. Well, bad news. Dh and I had a chat yesterday and decided that it might be better if he went by himself. He's going to be working 16 hour days while he's there, so he won't be able to spend any time with us anyway. It would save a lot of money if we didn't go. We did decide that we will all go down there after we get our tax return and do some pre-house hunting/scouting.
    I do have facebook. PM me your link or your name and I'll add ya.
  3. I would love to get together! Will you be at Lackland? Do you know yet what dates will be? DH goes to WLC Oct. 28- middle of November so Muffin and I will be free too. Do you have Facebook? I'm on there if you want to find me.

    I'm so excited, it'll be soooo cool to get to meet you See if you can drag Shannon and Dawson down with you.
  4. DH and I will be in SA next month for about 4-5 days. He'll be on TDY, so I will have the days free. I was wondering if you wanted to get together.
  5. i don't think so... what's up?
  6. Hey, did you get my PM by any chance?
  7. I am, thanks! We are just hanging out at home, working on potty training. So far, he's doing a LOT better than I thought he would.
  8. Hey, I hope you're doing okay.
  9. Oh, I would totally meet you in Dallas! I'm very familiar with that area. Maybe Shannon and I could even ride together! I'm all for spending a weekend or something.
  10. I'll drive you around, you don't have to trust yourself

    Shannon Marie and I had toyed with the idea of meeting in Dallas for a playdate for Dawson and Muffin at some point (it's in the middle between us), if we do you should come too!!! Or I may just have to come all the way up to OKC some time to visit. Maybe whenever DH goes to WLC.
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