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  1. Oh that's so sweet that he wanted his big boy bed, too cute!

    Yeah I'm starting to feel better now, actually able to eat and keep food down now with is awersome lol.
  2. The appartment's fabulous! A bit small, but that doesn't matter. Cerian has his own room (which he moved to the "big boy's bed"-I was shocked that he even wanted to since he's still a bit small and heard from many parents that their little ones didn't switch beds till they were past the age two...My brother's been pushing me to date a few guys tha he knows (to try and get me out of being depressed) which I'm not, I'm just very busy with Cerian, work, and myself...Plus, I don't feel like I'm ready...

    I'm sorry you were sick, but I know you'll feel better since you went to the doc and had it checked out! Feel better, ok!?
  3. Oh my gosh yeah I saw your pic of him in your siggy, he's so big!! And congrat's on the new apartment, how you likin' it?
    I've been pretty good. Been suuuper sick this week, I went to the docs and they had to hook me up to an IV and everything I was so dehydrated. I'm moving up to AK with DB though! In June!
  4. Busy-sorry...Found an appartment a few miles from my Brother. Cerian's GROWING It's crazy, he can talk, lol. What about you, how are you doing, my love?
  5. OMG girl I've been missing you!! Haven't even seen you on FB lately.... How's everything been?
  6. Hey, Britt!
  7. Hey wifey!
  8. I miss you girl!!
  9. it is stupid.... but it cracked me up!
  10. yeah. um..i ont understand it. dont understand why they do that shit, its stupid.
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