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  1. im doing good.. the pregnant life is good, just cant do everything i want. but its gonna be worth it.. what have you been up too?
  2. I'm good! How are you? How is the pregnant life treating you!!
  3. Hey, how have you been? havent talked to you in a long time!
  4. thanks i know im really exicted! i will have to let you know what im having when i find out.. but right now im about 3 months... i couldnt believe it.. how have you been doing??
    that is so freakin awesome yay yay yay yay
  6. ally guess what? me and matt are having a baby
  7. Hey!! Im glad that you got them! i really hope that you liked them did you like that snowman? i thought you would! i got a army one.. well i wish we got to talk more.. matt is finally home!!!
  8. Heyyy I got my gifts thank you soooo much! That was so sweet!!! You are a doll. I miss you too I hope you have a good Christmas!
  10. Hey! I got your christmas card today its soo cute! did you ever get your christmas gift? i miss you, i havent talked to you in FOREVER!!
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