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  1. Hey Sweetie! I am doing okay, it's been a pretty crazy last month. My apartment building burned down and I lost everything I owned. It happened the day DB left Iraq. He came home and things were great for a while then he just quit responding to me. I talked to his Dad and he said DB was having trouble adjusting. But, he's shut me out and there's nothing I can do. So,'s over. I guess God has someone better for me. Thanks for being such a sweetheart all the time! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
  2. how are you??? did your man come home yet??
  3. hey sexy lexy! hope you are well xxxxxxxx
  4. Hey there sweetie! I'm doing is actually my bday and my family and friends made it so special! How are you doing? Have you already moved? I'm excited for you to be with your husband.
  5. hey lady!

    how are you ??? having a good weekend?
  6. Hey cutie! Life is going okay. Today is DB's bday. I sent him a powerpoint of bday wishes, I even dressed up as a cheerleader and did cheer poses But I didn't hear from him today. Oh well, hopefully I'll hear from him tomorrow. When do you get to see your hubby again?
  7. hows life treating you??????
  8. Hi, I'm hanging in there. How are you? Are you getting ready for your wedding? Exciting!
  9. how are you babes??
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