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  1. I AM FUCKING ECSTATIC FOR YOU BABES!!!!!!!! you deserve this
  2. Zoe.....HE DID IT!! HE DID IT!! He finally proposed!!!!
  3. 10 days?!?! holy crap that's just around the corner girl...YAY!!

    and don't worry - there will be MAJOR announcement and celebrating going on if a ring pops up in the near future! We find out this week if we are headed for Ft Knox in May/June. If that comes through...I will most likely be planning a wedding over the next 6-8 months...but we'll see.
  4. Ive been keeping an eye out for big news!!!!! i better be one of the first people you tell missy!!

    I am good- scratch that im great. last sat at work and i have my leaving party tonight! 10 days from now i will be livingin Germany with my gorgeous husband and i wont have to say good bye every month and sleep alone!!!!!
  5. Awww I miss you too! Things are good with me...might have some big news coming up soon :wahoo How is everything with you? You all moved yet?
  6. hey missy

    how are you??? i miss you x
  7. Hey Zoe! Yeah sorry...I disappeared for a while. Between DB getting home, his post-deployment leave, travelling, starting a new job and school - I barely had enough time to breathe much less get on the computer. There is a lot going on and stuff up in the air - but I am still ridiculously happy and things have been going really well.

    How's married life?
  8. hey you!!!!!!!!!! i was thinking of you today!!!!!!!!!!!! where have you been?? are you happy? how is life???? tell me all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. You are absolutely gorgeous! The wedding pics (so far) are beautiful and I am soooooo happy for you!
  10. woohooooooo!
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