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  1. Hi Zoe. Sorry I have superbusy since last summer. I`m now working at Addenbrookes Hospital at the same time as I`m doing my Scrub Nurse Practioner training. Its fun even if I come home and fall asleep in the sofa most nights. Rob is great though ,cleaning and cooking and lighting candles everywhere to lift my spirits.
    How have you been? Did you get married yet ? Where are you living now?
    Hope to hear from you soon... Lots of hugs ... Mia
  2. how are you doing mimi?????? hows life treating you???
  3. Zoe... Your wedding dress looks beautiful.. just like you .. I`m so happy for you and Ryan
  4. that is a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ryan and peanut butter m&m's!!!!!!! mmm mmm mmmmm!!
  5. I`ll get you bagfulls of Peanut MMs next time.
    Its so exciting that you will be in his arms so soon.....
    Indulge and savour those moments ... You can always cover Ryan in MMs and see where that takes you
  6. you are too sweet! thank you for the offer i am so taking you up on that!!

    im sorry ive been out of touch, ive been working non stop since i saw you and am obviously now just getting sorted fr ryans rnr!! i promise once im back i'll come over for a day!!
  7. There will be some free time in between.. we`ll just have to play it by ear. I thought about taking her to London for the day when she arrives ... I`ll text you if we are...
    Its great you are having all these jobs coming in.....
  8. thank you for the invite but im afraid im working!! a family is flying in from the states and they want a nanny for the whole week! sounds like you are gonna be extremly busy summer!! we'll have to meet up when im back!!
  9. Lovely to hear from you sweetie..
    I have to work a lot before Rob goes to Ca to pick up his daughter for the summer as we will take it in turns to look after her...So we need to build up our funds before. This week I have already worked 60 hours.. tomorrow another 9 hours..
    Next week I`m only doing 3x 12 hour days , but that can change. On monday we are going to Madingley Cemetary in Cambridge for Memorial day.. Do you want to come along?
  10. hey gorgeous !
    how are you?? sorry ive been out of touch..........the craziness of art job interviews and temp nannying has been keeping me so busy!!

    but thanks for the congrats and you are so right!! in less than a month i'll be in Ryans arms and then when thats over i get to start my new exciting job!!

    I cant wait !! what are your plans fro the summer?? you upto anything??
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