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  1. That is amazing news! Thank you so much! I guess my only problem might be finding my first RN job because I will have no experience! Either way, that is super cool that they hire nurses on the bases too because I would love to work on the base where Thomas is stationed.
  2. Best degree you could ever have for the military lifestyle IMO. I have never had a problem finding jobs and I have worked both civilian and military hospitals. There typically so much demand for nurses most hospitals don't worry to much about you being military. Just depends on where you are though.
  3. Hey Nicole! Just happened to look at your about me and saw that you are an RN! I will have my degree and will be an RN next year and I am so excited! I just was curious, are you able to travel around as a nurse with your husband being military? I would assume you would be able to because there are hospitals everywhere but I am skeptical because I would think more hospitals would want to hire long term nurses. Also, do they ever hire nurses on the bases your husband is stationed at?
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