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  1. Oh man! That's a shitload of money. Haha. You should definitely stay stateside, in the East Coast. Steve and I will be there next year, it'd be sooooo cool if we could meet!!
  2. He wants to go overseas again, to Japan. I wouldn't mind that, but I don't wanna have to pay even more to ship Patches. It's like $300-$400 to bring her from here to Great Lakes! Not ready to spit that out again anytime soon!

    Probably just stay in the states though, since this place SUCKS so bad.. Overpriced food & all. I want snowy season too. Maybe the east coast or something.
  3. Ooh, no way! So is Laurie's husband (once he gets back from this deployment)

    That's awesome. Where do you wanna go after Great Lakes?
  4. Great Lakes so he can go to school again. He's going Corpsman.
  5. Hah! I bet! Where are you headed next?
  6. I found your facebook link on here & added you!

    I haven't been up to much.. Waiting to leave Guam already!!
  7. I'm FABULOUS! What've you been up to? If you have a Facebook you should add me on it!
  8. Hi Tawny! How are you?
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