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  1. hello kitty how are you doing?
    so whats up with orders are yall moving soon or what the f?
  2. oh dont tell me that lol i hate planes as it is anyways ha i never been on one
    im so scared.....and 15 hours at that OMG! thanks for the heads up im
    taking a damn boat
  3. Oh! Well, girl I hear Japan is really nice!! Like scenery & stuff. I wanna go to Japan!! I haven't heard anything about Greece though.. Warning.. Long ass plane ride!!! I hated my ride to Japan from NJ(I went from MA to NJ, then NJ to Japan, Japan to Guam) it was 14 damn hours & they DRAGGED!!! Oh my gosh I wanted to go crazy!
    that is awesome!!
    we are corspman well he is ...
    goodluck to him he will enjoy it....all marine bases!!
    we might be going to Japan or greece
  5. Guam sucks. I don't like the heat. 7 more months to go. Then I probably get to freeze my butt off, DH is going to school to be a Corpsman after we leave here.
  6. how friggin are you dudE!
    how is guam?
  7. Hi, how's it going?
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