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  1. I don't think it would.. depends on his command.. like how they are with those kinds of things. I hope it's less than a month for you after he routes the paperwork!!
  2. Oh, no. ahha. DF has told me that as soon as we're married we're going to get the screenings asap Then he's going to go back to Guam and update his deers and tricare than figure out where we go from there. We're hoping this whole process will not take longer than a month.
  3. I'm sorry I failed to mention that if you come after being approved for the command sponsorship, I believe the military branch your DF is in will pay for your ticket here & any hotel you stay in while waiting on housing.

    Otherwise, if your not sponsored it's you or him paying the flight & hotel out of your own pockets. Me & DH had to do that cause my dentist in MA wouldn't do my dental screening. We didn't even get any type of reimbursement which sucked later on.
  4. Yeah-I hear Guam is easier because it is US territory..but I've been reading what all you need to do to get to Italy and Japan and it's insane. We will be doing the oversea screenings and stuff as soon as we're married. thank you
  5. I know I had to get an overseas screening before coming here.. You have to go to the base to get a medical screening & a dental screening. His higher up should know how to do the whole process. Good luck!
  6. Do you know anything about Command Sponsorship to Guam
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