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  1. i pmed u
  2. Im having lunch now.. Great day at work..keep me was your day? How are you feeling?
  3. im finally home how was your day?
  4. I hope you have a great day! so sorry about your shoulder tho.. finger crossed nothing happened and he will contact you soon I havent heard from my DB these 2 days, i guess hes busy..
  5. i have school until about three o clock and then just home I was going to go swimming but My shoulders are killing me. I was going to try and wait till sunday but each day gets a bit harder.
  6. Try to wait one more day? Im so sorry, i feel so helpless.. want to help you but i dont know how whats your plan today?
  7. its 6:30 am here and nope no news I am more worried than i was before because i don't know how the doctors went or if something happened to him .
  8. Still no news? yea, finally, after more than 12 hours, i get my internet back! whats the time there? its almost bed time for me.. hahahaha
  9. I just got up for the day it was a really long night... did they finally get the coms up ?
  10. Im home, finalluy.. how are you doin?
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