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  1. Pinterest is dangerous!! I lose so much time on it!
    It is funny that we're from the same place. What are the odds?
  2. Omg thats so funny that youre from here too! I've heard Seattle is beautiful. Omg I love Pinterest, I didnt think of using it for that ! Good idea Pinterest is so addicting, I get so many good home decorating ideas from there and outfits too lol
  3. Yeah! Bay area! I love seattle. Its such an interesting city and its absolutely gorgeous especially when we have great weather like we do right now! Pinterest I'm not good at just making things up off of the top of my head so I look for things that look yummy on Pinterest and start there. Then I'd follow the links to the blog or whatever it was originally from and look for recipes there. I love the website it has some really good recipes
  4. I'm from Northern Cali too! The bay area! How about you? How do you like Seattle ? What kind of things do you like to cook? I dont know where to start lol.
  5. Oo what part of cali? I'm from Northern California originally though now I go to school in Seattle. I'm majoring in English Lit and hope to be an editor and possibly and author one day. I secretly call my current roommate my cooking guinea pig I am testing whether or not I'm a good cook! I love to dance and I dance on my schools dance team currently
  6. I lost track of that thread already, I havent completely figured out how to use this site yet
    Well I live in Cali, I'm 21, I majoring in social work hoping to be an adoption counselor one day I love shopping lol I've recently been trying to learn how to cook, thinking about taking some classes before i move with my DH lol
    How about yourself??
  7. I figured I should stop thread jacking your intro thread so tell me about yourself
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