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  1. IKR! I felt soo excited to. Like buying the stuff for it was fun and packing it was exciting to. And I felt really proud of myself for managing to fit all the stuff in one box. That and proud of myself for figuring out the customs form I got this satisfied feeling once I handed it over at the post office
  2. yeah i know what you mean, i kinda wanted to go big or go home. im pretty excited to send it im not gonna lie
  3. Oh I didn't think to do anything like that I just packed it full of snacks and sweets this is the first time i've ever sent a care package so its all new to me
  4. Well i mean i asked him what his fav color was and what his fav animal was so im prob just gonna decorate it with that kinda stuff. nothing to to fancy.
  5. I really thought about it but DB doesn't really notice those sort of things lol I think he'd be more interested in what kind of goodies I sent him. This time around its mostly his favorite candy and junk food, next time I may send pictures and letters I'm sending mine off Monday. How are you decorating your box and what sort of goodies are you sending to him
  6. im sending him a care package very very soon. are you gonna like decorate the box and what not?
  7. Have you tried signed him a care package I'm thinking of packing on for DB today just lots of his favorite foods and maybe a letter from me or a picture. When DB was in BMT he said the constant letters from me were what made things bearable. I think he misses the support and feeling of closeness. As for my summer plans as nerdy as this sounds I went to my local library and checked a big stack of books to read. I also wanted to try introducing my family to some new recipes and start a workout program. What about you?
  8. Awe, im sorry to here that. Thing between me and DB and i little rocky as well it just feels like were looseing connection. I dunno. But yes im very happy that summers comming, do you have any big plans for the summer?
  9. Hey whats up things are kinda getting rocky between me and DB, girl troubles with an old friend of his...Anyway how are things with you? Happy that summers here?
  10. Hey Girl. Hows everything going?
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