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  1. That is exactly what DB did . I finished all my finals today!
  2. Haha good! And he's been telling me about his financials and how he's cleaning up his accounts and using the time in school to save
  3. Ooooo sounds like hints to me .
  4. I'm sure you will sort it out when the time comes...

    I think so...he'll say stuff like "when we're old" and "we'd be good parents" "where do you see yourself in 5 years" he's constantly mentioning marriage and children. Maybe I'm reading more into it though because he hasn't specifically said I'm going to marry you...yet
  5. Thanks Yea it is gonna be crazy, I don't even know where to even begin to prepare. And ooooooo he dropping hints about popping the question?
  6. Reception is a bitch, isn't it?! That's beyond exciting!!! Like wow...married, new country, full time student...I'm so happy for you!

    ...maybe I'll be joining your status soon...minus new country and full time student
  7. We are having difficulties with calling at the moment . He is stationed in Germany. We plan to get (officially) engaged, married, and move with him to Germany all in December . I will do online classes while I am there and I will have less than a year left in my degree.

    Same way with me and DB. I can't sleep anyway so I wait for him to wake up and call.
  8. I love it! Art classes would be so fun if I could do art lol, but I know they are a crazy amount of work! When will you be done with your studies?

    At least you have an excuse for being up! I'm awake for no reason other than it's difficult sleeping without DB. On the bright side he's told me he has not had any restful nights either...only a little over a month together and almost four apart, and it's like that.
  9. Computers HATE me so Graphic Design is a no go . I am actually taking watercolor 2 next semester (along with painting 2 and sculpture). Coffee sounds good about now though...
  10. Girl that's what coffee is for! lol and it's only 11 here, west coast time I wish I could paint! Very romantic with like watercolors or something (I'm thinking The Notebook) my lil sis is in art school too, but for graphic design.
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