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  1. That is great! I admire you for making it your first year! It is the hardest but it is also the most fun because you get inspired and learn so many great things It does get easier but the good thing about all that is no matter what you learn so many new things every year you work and basically I host programs for kids, adults, and teens involving various themes that go with the month. I do that as a side thing because I love working with people and helping them
  2. Yes, I teach elem/middle school music. It's my first year (and they say that's the hardest) since I am trying to get everything together for the first time. Next year will be a lot easier because I can recycle ideas I know that worked. What do you do for those months you listed?
  3. That is good Keeping busy is always a great thing and it is even better that you are having a good week so far! Hahahaha I am doing well as well! Trying to keep busy Black history month, gay history month, and women's history month tend to be quite busy months for me lol So you are a teacher? That is awesome! How do you like it?
  4. I'm doing pretty well. Busy with teaching as usual, but it's been a good week so far (and already over the hump, hooray!) How are you doing?
  5. How are you?
  6. Hello
  7. Hey hey fellow jerseyite!
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