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  1. Yeah its definitely not easy. But I know that I have to support him. If I dont then who will?! I love him WAY too much to give up on him and it kills me to see how people react to him simply because they do not understand PTSD. So I really want to get the information out there; if not to inform people to at least let people know that they arent alone and that as hard as it is, you can get through it and it can get better!
  2. I just saw that you responded! I think it is amazing that you have such a good outlook on the whole situation. Most people do not understand what PTSD is and how it affects people you know? My guy is not diagnosed with anything but I know that he is still freaked out by stuff he went through in infantry...apparently I twitch in my sleep and was unaware until I woke up to him shaking me. Apparently he thought I was dying bc one of his guys twitched before they died...its sad. So yes it is inspiring and dont worry about what other people say! Your heart is guiding you in the right direction in my opinion
  3. Hi! I dont know if you saw my response to your comment on my blog, but I just wanted to say thank you. I really appreciated your comment. PTSD is a huge part of my life now and no one I know understands it and it breaks my heart because in return they dont understand DH. So it was really nice to hear that my blog was "inspiring" So thanks again!
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