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  1. I know people down there and that's what someone said. I don't know if it's true. I didn't think you saw him but I'd be freaked out too if I saw him being taken care of by a coroner. It's still really weird.
  2. A baby? Hmm...I'll update you when the paper reports what happened. I hope my post didn't come across as if I saw him shoot himself...I just saw his body being taken away. I'm trying not to be overly dramatic but it's just so eerie that someone died on campus. Thanks for taking the time to check up
  3. oh so he was 18? I heard he was 19 but either way, I wouldn't know him either. I didn't go to VVC but I've been there so I think I know where that is. It's so sad. I heard he has a 3 week old baby I hope his family is able to find peace and I'm really sorry you had to see that.
  4. Hey Jessym, yeah I think you and I had a short conversation about living in the HD before I heard he was 18, he sent a text to friends and family before he did it and he was an art major. IDK if it's all true though. If you went to VVC he shot himself on a patch of grass in front in the elevator and the SAC. I'm surprised I didn't hear the gun fire. All I saw was the coroner putting his body (in a body bag) in the vehicle. I know it's kinda sad to say but I'm a little relieved to hear that he was 18 because I don't think I know anyone that young at school. It's still unfortunate a fellow peer killed himself. I just don't understand why he did it so publicly.
  5. Hey, I saw your post about the suicide at your school. I'm so sorry. I replied in your thread but I'm not sure if you saw it.
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