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  1. hey chickie chickie!!! everything is fantastic, ive decided to use facebook until mike leaves for recruit training, so def contact me on there!!
  2. Hey lady! Hope all is well.
  3. I'll try again
  4. my fb is being sillyyyy i didnt get your request :[
  5. Added you And you're so welcome!!
  6. your fantastic thank you so much i appreciate the support!!! add me on fb so we can keep in touch :] Megan Nicole | Facebook
  7. Ya, true! Because depending on where he is it may take longer to get there too. Keep your head up. And I am here if you need to talk, vent, etc!
  8. very true!!! he told me only to write him once a week tho
  9. It's hard, I wont lie. But keeping yourself busy is the best thing. Try to not watch the news, most of time it does not help things. Write letters when you're not able to skype or talk, it's not directly to him, but you get to say what you want at the moment and send it!
  10. aww thats super cute! so how did you cope with being away from your guy??
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