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  1. i'm doing great, had such a busy weekend and back to work today...I cant wait to just relaxxx tonight after work!
  2. He's getting there. I'm ok I guess. Lol I have the day off but still woke up at 5:30 how are you?
  3. gotcha!! well its cool hes almost done :]] how are ya doing today!
  4. no he did a 6 yr contract
  5. he joined for 6 yrs? i thought you could only do increments of 4
  6. Hes been in 4 yrs. Only two left
  7. awww thats a really cute story actually! good for you girl how long has he been in for??
  8. A dating website. It was really funny actually. One day, a friend of mine told me to try the site out because I was having HORRIBLE luck with guys. So I made an account one day and messaged ONE person. It was Ed. Turns out, he had also made his account that day because some guys on his floor in the barracks told him to try it out (their real reason was because they always find girls to hook up with, and all the guys figured Ed would get all the really hot chicks and bring friends haha) and I was the only person he had talked to on it also. We talked back an forth, met in person a week later, and have been inseparable since. Well until he deployed.
  9. no way lol online dating website or Myspace/facebook?
  10. Lol funny story actually. We met online!
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