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  1. Oh no!!! I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason and I truly believe it. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers we're goin through a rough time right now too so I understand the feeling of losing it.
  2. We didn't get the command sponsorship either. And our dog of 8 years unexpectedly got gravely ill this weekend and passed away early Monday morning. I feel like I'm losign it.
  3. No FL for us =( At least not eight now
  4. Yea for sure!!! I just wish they would tell us already lol!
  5. Thanks for the optimisim girly!! Yea, atleast you have something to look forward to and wait for then nothing at all!
  6. Awe you got this!! Time will start flying once you get the news just wait! =) We have NO idea when we're gonna find out but I haven't been as anxious as I was before. I'm trying so hard to stay positive and think that's even thought it's a small one, there's still a chance.
  7. No nothing over here yet....not since his request to drop his follow on assignment got approved....the panel doesn't meet until the 28th .... the anticipation is killing me and I'm missing my other half more and more each day. :'( I thought each day is supposed to get easier!!!!
  8. Not yet but I still have my fingers crossed!!! How about you and DH???
  9. Hey girlie! Any news on those orders you and DB are waiting for???
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